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Please list any use cases, including personal involved and the data they need on this page. Do not worry if you have trouble editing for style, formatting etc. - that can be corrected/edited by others!

I have moved Dave Barnet's very much appreciated comments to the Comments Page, and added by own feedback to them.

More use cases as below would be much appreciated, but can you please SIGN them by adding ~~~~ to the end of each one.

  • I am a Social worker in an out of hours team. I have been called to perform an assessment on someone who night be detained under the Mental Health Act. I need to find: The person and their support network; any medication they might be on; any risks to me or other that this person might present. (from Dave Barnet I think)
  • I am the principle carer for a person with a long tern condition ( say diabetes) I need to check any changes to medication that might have been recently made. I also need to check any hospital appointments that might be upcoming. I will need to contribute to the patients PHR with any interactions that I might make and I need to make sure I reference these so other fins them.(from Dave Barnet I think)
  • I am junior doctor in A&E a patient has jus come in and they are very confused and cannot explain what is wrong with them. I need to find out whether this person has a Mental health Condition and if there is any supporting documentation. if there is I need to finds and medication they might be on and any contra indications.(from Dave Barnet I think)
  • I am a radiologist reporting on a CT mastoid. I wish to review the Audiogram, Clinic Review Letter sent to GP. I wish to be presented the documents in a timeline. Filter/search for the word "ENT" in the metadata to see documents related to ENT. I also wish to arrange and sort doc in a date order, specialty, doc class, doc type etc I will then read the ones I need to issue a high quality report.--submitted by Neelam Dugar


Perhaps we can consider use cases that have already been written and thought through with regard to IHE profile fit and scaling. Take a look at the PDF in the link here: [1] Of these, the Patient Summary, Referral and Discharge Reporting and Patient-Participatory Healthcare use cases have clear alignments to RCP demand in our platform projects. I will seek further views on rank order priority and relevance of others, but have a look at these in the interim.

A general assumption here for “value” of use cases is they play a part to step-change interoperability and thus assist beneficial business transformation. We are trying to think “JoinedUp” i.e. whole system patient-centred interoperability, functionally dovetailing use cases and vendor neutral system inputs are part of that. We have to clearly express the logic of a common sharing platform (based on XD*) to benefit patients.

Naturally implementation will also require many non-technical policy alignments (which locally we would steer through a JoinedUp initiative with all relevant senior decision makers). The use cases need to be reasonably well thought-through to illustrate future "end-game" scenarios and engage business transformation leads.

COMPARATIVE NOTE: The use cases are only starting points for national / regional level implementations and there will be currently undocumented regulatory constraints and fit to existing infrastructures to take into account. In the Netherlands - where there are six Regional Affinity Domains (AD’s) that use XDS as their central infrastructure - that "policy list" is being considered along with the above use case catalogue. Indeed Nictiz is writing a central guideline document to define (in as much detail as possible) ALL the agreements and alignments that have to be set up on the different levels in addition to the technical interoperability (such as conformity statements to ISO and other standards, but also templates for contracts, business agreements, workflow alignment, content definition and formatting, infrastructural functionalities and technical configuration). This experience is likely to be valuable in coordinating UK AD(s) development in this wiki. --submitted by Ed Conley