XDS Metadata specifications

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This site is used to host discussions concerning metadata recommendations for UK usage of XDS and related protocols.

NOTE - due to hacking by spammers, editing on this site is now restricted to those who have logged in. If you wish to create an account, please contact jason@medicalconnections.co.uk


Past Meetings

Follow meeting link for transcript, attendance and conclusions.

Future Meetings

To Be Decided

Proposed and existing schemas

We are trying to gather together as many ideas and thoughts as possible, so that nothing is accidentally forgotten. If you have any schemas which you wish to add yourself, feel free add them to this list, either by uploading or via an external link:

Although the XDS-I rules are not a full metadata specification, the constraints they place on imaging metadata need to be considered if specifications for imaging and other documents are to be consistent. See section within that document for details.

Research and supporting documents

Ann Wrightson kindly provided the following documents from HL7 in the US, who are looking at very much the same issue as we are:

The following link is from Ian McNicoll, outlining an approach using different filing schemes for different types of user:

And the slide set below provides a summary of how and why Docman is the way it is - thank you Ian!


This wiki provides a means for sharing and recording discussions, including from those unable to attend the meetings/teleconferences. For now, there is just one simple page on "open issues" (mainly those made a comments on the straw man suggestions), but this could split into more specialized topic pages if necessary: