Metadata Meeting 5-6-14

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  • Dave Harvey (convener/chair)
  • Chris Lindop (GE Healthcare)
  • Dave Barnet (HSCIC)
  • Ed Conley
  • George Hope(HSCIC)
  • Ian Williams (NWIS - Applications Design)
  • Neelam Dugar
  • Neil Robinson
  • Richard Harries
  • Robert Worden
  • Sanjay Paul
  • Tim Benson


Discussions and Decisions

  • There was broad agreement that we wish to move forward
  • Point was made that whilst current focus for projects going in now is XDS, the model used could be used for other protocols
  • First priority is to agree use cases - see Use Cases on this wiki
    • Liaison with PRSB to validate use cases is politically important
    • Patient portals are an important use case to consider - not just staff searches
    • There were differing views on the importance of being able to search for headings/content within documents - use cases are awaited
    • All are encouraged to add their uses cases directly into the page, which will provide "bottom up" classification - TB to assist in providing a "top down" view
  • Other comments can go into Comments
  • Doodle poll to be arranged to discuss future meetings - ideally at fortnightly intervals - available at
  • We aim to have guidance available in 12 weeks (end of August) - this will require considerable work by members between meetings.