Metadata Meeting 26-8-14

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  • Dave Harvey
  • Louis Barberry
  • Dave Barnett
  • Leo Fogarty
  • Neil Robinson


  • Discussion of successful meetings with John Arnott (HSCIC) & Iain carpenter (PRSB)
  • Agreed DH's suggestion to develop comprehensive metadata document, which would be generic, but with XDS specifics as an appendix
  • Points made about first draft
    • As little as possible should be mandatory, to encourage adoption
    • Leo & Dave B suggested and provided GP=>GP codes as a guide to ensure that we're not forgetting anything
    • Needs formal list of open questions etc.
    • Need actual definitions to replace "See XDS...." notes
    • Practice Setting (not necessarily medical) and specialty could and possibly should use different dictionaries
    • definition of confidentiality codes, and reference to BPCC for more complex needs is required.
  • Agreed DH to do edits, then make available on the IHE web site for discussion, initially within the group, but moving quickly to wider consultation