Metadata Meeting 17-7-14

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  • Dave Harvey
  • Chris Lindop (GE Healthcare)
  • Dave Barnet (HSCIC)
  • Louise Parberry
  • Neil Robinson


Discussions and Decisions

As agreed at the meeting, notes are being taken as "action points", with the recording being the definitive account of what was said.

Action points agreed were:

Dave Harvey
Reference Antelope Use Cases
Review Use-Cases
Kick Start Email and wiki communication
Dave Harvey / Chris Lindop
Investigate Multiple document classification Use-Cases (hierarchical classifications)
Neil Robinson
Aproach Tech UK for involvement
Neil Robinson / Dave Harvey
Approach Academy Royal Medical Colleges for involvement
Dave Barnett
Dig out Information on HSCIC plans - people to talk to and data model
Neil Robinson
Investigate "XCA Project", including "Data discovery"
Dave Barnett
Investigate how "London 999 Initiative" would fit into this scheme.
Neil Robinson
Extend "speciality" to "situations" - "type" of interaction - 1/2 way between Practice Settingcode and speciality?
episode numbers??
Neil Robinson
Mental Health Use-Cases
Dave Barnett
Speciality view from HSCIC staff
Louise Parberry
Consider usability of Name-Value Pairs
Dave Harvey
Construct "Straw Man2", based on minimal standard metadata, with additional name value pairs in the Reference ID fields to hold some or all of the following:
  • Specialties (hierarchical and potentially multiple)
  • References to "content" - such as PRSB sub-headings
  • Pathway ID
  • Episode, spell IDs etc. (as used in mental health/community)